5 Simple Life Hacks to Clean and Disinfect your Home like a Pro

5 Simple Life Hacks to Clean and Disinfect your Home like a Pro

Everybody has their own methods to clean and tidy their home. But are your efforts really effective? Cleaning professional Kassandra Lee shares with us 5 simple hacks to ensure that your living quarters are in tip top condition.

1/5 Make Cleaning and Tidying up a Daily Habit

Cleaning up is probably the last thing on your mind after a long day of work, but while it’s tempting to immediately laze around on your sofa or your bed, think first about all the dirt, viruses and bacteria that might have latched onto you during the day. Make sure you wash your hands and take a shower the moment you get home, and do not forget to change into fresh clothes. 

Every other day, conduct a thorough vacuum and wipe-down of high-traffic and high-contact areas of your home. I would recommend that you focus on the living room floor, water faucets, doorknobs and light switches. 

Loose items such as your shoes, bags and that week-old shirt draped over your sofa may carry unwanted germs from outside. Be sure to clean and wash them before storing them properly in their designated areas.

2/5 Sanitize your Gadgets with the Right Disinfectant

When was the last time you cleaned your keyboard, or disinfected your computer keyboard? Studies have shown that these gadgets and gizmos can be dirtier than your toilet seat! 

To prevent unnecessary damage, I would recommended using alcohol wipes to clean your phone. You can purchase them from pharmacies or make your own by dampening a microfibre cloth or cotton swab with diluted rubbing alcohol (60% water, 40% alcohol). Be sure to wipe down all the tech at home, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV remotes, and all the little buttons like the power knob of your microwave oven. 

Do not wipe your phone with harsh chemicals like window cleaners, kitchen cleaners, makeup removers, dish soaps, hand soaps, and vinegars. These disinfectants may damage your phone and strip off its water- and oil-proof coating.

3/5 Show some Love to the Neglected Areas of your Home

Think about all the areas of your home that you might not have touched since the last big spring-cleaning months ago and give them the cleansing treatment as well. 

This includes not just the obvious areas like that dusty corner behind the television beyond arm’s length, but also furniture and appliances in plain sight, such as your bed’s headboard, stoves, and even your alarm clock. 

Wipe everything down with a disinfectant, and make a habit of it.

4/5 Give Attention to your Pillows and Mattresses

Mattress and pillows are another example of items that typically do not see enough cleaning beyond the regular changing of sheets. 

Pillows should ideally be washed every month. Either throw them into your washing machine, or get them dry-cleaned at your nearest laundry shop. 

As for your mattress, one easy cleaning method we like is to sprinkle baking soda over it with a sifter and let it sit for 24 hours. Vacuum it all up the next day and the mattress should be as good as new.

5/5 Find a Cleaning Professional for that Extra Help

Last but not least, if this cleaning overdrive is putting a strain on your time and resources, consider outsourcing it to a cleaning professional to step in and support you. 

If convenience and affordability are your thing, you can find and book them from lifestyle apps like Helpling

Available on-demand and flexible enough to suit your needs and budget, they are a boon to the busy ones out there who must still soldier on and bring the bacon home amidst the outbreak.

Damien is always on the search for a the latest and more effective cleaning solution for homes. From traditional brooms and mops to robotic cleaners, Damien has tried them all.

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