How This Cleaner Turned Her Passion Into Her Full-Time Job

How This Cleaner Turned Her Passion Into Her Full-Time Job

Meet Agnes Ng, one of the pioneer cleaners on the Helpling platform! Since she’s joined in May 2015, the 5-star rated cleaner has cleaned an impressive 470 houses and earned herself a spot as the top cleaner. This week, we had the pleasure of speaking to her to find out what made her decide to start using Helpling.

Wanting to earn more while her child was in school, the 43 year old housewife decided to sign up to Helpling’s platform as a Cleaning Partner. Her decision to choose Helpling instead of other part-time jobs was easy, her response to that was “because I want to be my own boss and plan my own working schedule”. Additionally, she claims that her love for cleaning naturally drew her into this industry.

With many customers raving about Agnes’ cleaning skills and one in particular describing her as “ one of the best cleaners they ever found on the platform”, we asked her what her secret was. Her response to it was to put your heart into the job no matter how difficult the task can be, this way, you will feel satisfied with your job and complete each task with pride. In addition, she usually stays longer than the agreed cleaning time just to make sure that most of her tasks are cleaned to the customers’ standards.

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Speaking to Agnes, we can clearly see why Agnes is one of the top rated cleaners on Helpling’s platform. Furthermore, her dedication to her work has earned her many client-turned-friends that she made throughout her 1.5 years of finding work through the helpling platform where they share cleaning and children raising tips.

When asked for some tips on being a good cleaner, she said that the most important thing is to take responsibilities and treat all customer’s homes like your own and the results will naturally show.

Interested to be a cleaner like Agnes? Find out more about how you can sign up as a Cleaning Partner on Helpling!