6 Apps to Help Sort Out Your Life in the New Year

6 Apps to Help Sort Out Your Life in the New Year

The end of the year is always a synonymous with friends and family, happy homes and joyful times. BUT Christmas and New Year parties do have a downside, admit it: who really likes the fake smiles and awful presents? Who can stomach the guilt after the obscene number of calories you’ve consumed materialises around your waist? And who enjoys cleaning up the aftermath?

To help you to deal with all this mess in a smooth way, Helpling, the fasting growing online cleaning platform in Singapore has listed some cool apps to deal with your after-party nightmare as quickly as you just ate that last piece of cake!

1) Getting rid of the awful presents:

opening christmas present

A survey in UK just found out our darkest secret: 4 in 10 people will fake joy at unwanted christmas gifts! You can smile and hug all you like, but you will have to deal with these lame presents cluttering up your house. After the family are gone, there’s no need to fake a smile anymore though; just get rid of it!

Carousell will help you out. Through GEO location or interest (furniture, decor, fashion and so on), potential buyers can browse deals and the payment can be done in person or online – your choice. Facebook groups are also an option, but who knows if your relatives are there… There’s been enough family gossip for one year!

2) Outsourcing the after-party aftermath:

dirty kitchen.gif

All the marvelous merriment that takes over at the end of every year seem to simply vanish when you realize the cleaning task that lays before you. One survey  pointed out that 59% of the Germans feel more stressed than usual, just before Christmas and that 69% of these respondents attributed that to the amount of prep cleaning involved.

It’s no surprise that hours of cleaning can simply destroy your festive mood. Make it simple! You can try Helpling to find and book a cleaner online. Special features, like oven, fridge and window cleaning are also part of the options available. So you can keep your family memories without ending up hating half of them for spilling wine and fat all over your nice parquet flooring.

3) Avoiding additional food waste and overconsumption!


Singapore wastes a lot of food: approximately 788,600 tonnes of food goes to waste every day. One key contributor to this is, unsurprisingly, christmas; where even more waste is generated. Asking the family to cook less and/or actually stopping the problem at the source and not over-buying are effective ways to combat this!

In the event you don’t pay attention to the above advice, try using Food planner: an app that allows you to plan your meals and grocery list, to ensure that only the required amount of ingredients is needed, to prevent food wastage.

4) Shedding the shame post-holiday season:


Eating like there’s no tomorrow – that’s perhaps the best thing about the festive period. But, the reality is, there is a tomorrow; in which you may need a new pair of trousers. According to a MSN research,your Christmas dinner alone can have around 2,300 calories, 115% of the recommended daily calorie intake for a women and 95% for a men.

To burn all this calories, you can try Guavapass-with this app, you are able to lose all that weight with a wide range of studio classes and access to selected gyms everyday!

5) Trying to survive the morning after that famous ‘last glass’:

last glass.gif

Statisticians point out that hangovers after office parties can affect more of the work force than we would ever imagine. According to a survey, conducted by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), 48% of the attendees go to work with a hangover after the office party. The best thing to avoid the hangover, is, well, drink less alcohol. But if enthusiasm rides you, just behave (or try to) and leave slightly earlier, to counteract the consequences of the following day.

You can try Hangover Cures (if you have android) or BrainWave Hangover Relief (if you use iOs). The first can give you random hangover formulas – from ordinary ones to the most unusual. The second seems to belong more to a sci-fi experiment, it can synchronize your brainwaves through audible frequencies to help to relieve your headache and other symptoms…. really!

6) Creating a new feng shui to replace the cheesy Christmas items:

feng shui.gif

Christmas decorations are often pretty cheesy, but you must admit your year wouldn’t end properly without them.

But after the party is gone, this decoration and all the cleaning up you have to do are just annoying and you’ll need a refresh start for a new beginning. If you want to make a crazy feng shui change, you can use Homestyler Interior Design. The app allows you to upload a picture and create renderings with your future furniture, helping to see what it looks like before you purchase it!

Finally, now everything is back to normal, you’re ready to do it all over again next year!!!

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