Make Love Not War: How To Avoid Classic Valentine’s Failures

Make Love Not War: How To Avoid Classic Valentine’s Failures

Valentine’s day is coming and you are completely desperate, like every year, to be creative and avoid to failures of love… but you’re not alone! According to a study from Arizona University, the likelihood of a break-up one week before or 1 week after Feb 4th is 5-6 times higher than the rest of the year.
For that reason we want to help you identify the worst failures and give you some tips to avoid them.

1. Forgetting the gift or worse, buy last minute trash

A joint survey, made by Men’s health and Women’s health, showed that even though the majority of lovers don’t mind if the present is forgotten, for 15% it means the end of the relationship. So bad luck if your partner falls in the latter category.
If you’re a boy, be careful, 20% of women from another survey pool say that flowers bought from a petrol station is the worst gift they could receive (followed by tacky jewelry and large cuddly toy).

Avoiding the shame:

To avoid it, try apps like Countdown+ Event Reminders Lite, available in iOS and Android, to keep track of the important dates and how many days you have left (not only on Valentine’s but also her/his birthday). If everything goes super wrong, even with the reminders, last minute creative solutions like creating a list of romantic songs on Spotify or a Netflix’s movie marathon work wonders too!

2. Getting your way to the wrong card

Cards are the ultimate expression of love and often reflects the romantic landmark in your relationship. The first Valentine’s day card was sent by France’s Duke, of Orléans, in 1415, to his wife when he was a prisoner in London, following a battle. Since then, about 190 million cards are sent every year to mark the date.

vday fail

Combating shame with humor:

If you really want to test your partner’s sense of humor, you can try Love letter generator or song letter generator to make amazing cheesy stuff that will show how the fire inside you can burn with fiery passion, or will show… actually, nevermind.

Going safe:

If you really want to do it like a pro, then you can use Justwink or Red Stamp to make creative non-cheesy cards or you can go to the romantic-cheesy border and try to make a pinterest cute board.

3. Dinner fails, can someone heal the meal?

Love, passion and restaurants completely full, you can feel a potential failure coming. According to an Opentable survey, 51% of the respondents would opt to dine out on Valentine’s day. But imagine this, your beloved one and half of the couples of your city trying to have dinner together.  Perhaps, a better options could be to have dinner at home, where you can move from the desert to… the peak of the romantic night.

However for amateur cooks, cooking at home can pose an ever greater challenge…


Heal the meal:

If you want to cook yourself, buy yourself a 30 minute meal cookbook where you are able to choose a dish with easy to find ingredients and foolproof instructions. If everything goes wrong, you can still order food, but at least from top notch restaurants (It is Valentine’s day), you can use Foodora to find good ones.

4. The ‘yuck’ factor – a dirty and smelly house

A survey among divorced couples showed that 30% of divorces arised from household issues, also an eHarmony survey showed that household chores are one of the top 9 reasons why couples fight. If you are married or committed, Valentine’s day is not the best day to literally mess around, if you are single, do your best to impress your date with a clean house.

Put your stuff together:

If you don’t have enough time to even think about cleaning, you should definitely consider having a cleaner. Whether it is for the day before Valentine’s, or for the day after (that depends on how messy things got – no judgment here), Helpling allows you to hire one online in less than a minute!

5. DO NOT text all your exes in a moment of need!

You seem to do it every year, just days before Valentine’s Day, but then you start to understand why these relationships didn’t work out at the first place. This year, we have the right tips to avoid this bad revival idea.

How to avoid- Stay strong:

First thing: don’t listen to Adele’s “Hello”. According to a survey made by a dating company, the song inspired 64% of the women to contact their ex, during its first live performance. So Valentine’s + “Hello” = big no.

If you feel you will be drunk, you can try Drunk Mode, the app allows you to block selected contacts for a certain time range. To avoid remembering your sweetest memories, you can use Killswitch to rapidly erase pictures, profiles updates and so on, in your Facebook and erases it. Simple, effective, is the path free for a new love now, who knows?