6 tricks For a Clean Home After Christmas

6 tricks For a Clean Home After Christmas

The celebrations are over and finally you can take a deep breath: You and your family had a very lovely time, bickering, whilst the children argued over which present they should have got, but the food was acceptable. Now, who’s going to take care of the mess? The smell of roast meat still clings to the upholstery, you have candle wax on every tablecloth, napkins lying everywhere and even the artificial snow, in the windows, is starting to get on your nerves? Helpling, the leading online-platform for home cleaners, gives you a few simple tricks to quickly achieve balance, in the post-Christmas chaos.

  • Artificial snow from the can: Why did I do it!?!?!

The polar ice caps are melting away, but the sprayed artificial snow on windows is resistant to global warming and remains remarkably resilient. Spray on snow contains different types of fat, leaving very stubborn stains.

Our tip: clean the glass the same way as you do with your hob! The ceramic scraper (be careful: make sure that the blades are new) removes the sticky layer on your window efficiently. For grease stains underneath the artificial snow: mix alcohol or vinegar with warm water and wipe the window with the solution.

Prevention: if you do really need to use it again, spray it on transparent film and paste it onto the window. The sticky residue of cello tape is not nearly as persistent as the artificial snow and can be easily removed with alcohol or vinegar.

  • Childhood fail: Candle wax everywhere

During Christmas, we like our homes especially cosy – therefore candles belong to the setting! But then it happens: you suddenly realize that second glass of sherry may have been a mistake, as you withdraw your newly coated finder from the center piece candle! Those tenacious can stains cover the old parquet floor, the best table cloth or even your new rudolph jumper…

But don’t panic! With a scraper, you can first remove the hardened wax in the direction of wood grain, on tables. Blotting paper comes in useful here too: place it on the stain – apply the hair dryer until the wax is completely absorbed. In the end there will be just a dark imprint recognizable on the paper.

Prevention: Always place your candles into a glass or a tea light holder!. The wax will be dripping into the glass instead on the table. Don’t blow them out to vigorously either and to resist the temptation of sticking your finger into them.

  • Christmas Tree: Let the game of pick-up-sticks begin

Every year the same tricky game: disposing of the Christmas tree is messy work. Do not bump against any obstacle, otherwise the needles will jump wildly through the entire living room and you will still be cleaning them up in February!

This simple trick (really, really simple trick) will save you time: before you put the tree up, stick a sheet down underneath where it would go, making sure it’s larger than the diameter of the tree. After the holidays, lay the tree down on it – of course, remove the ornaments first – and proceed to remove the tree from the house! The sheet will collect the needles for you.

Prevention: Get a good tree, yes, they cost a little more, however getting a nice tree will actually save you a lot of effort post-Christmas. They won’t shed its needles that quickly, however, trees such as firs, love cooler temperatures: Place your Christmas tree away from the heating and remember to water it daily.

  • Caution: the Duck/Goose/Turkey smell is staying for the epiphany

The three day banquet has left its marks: As visible on the hips, it is also prominent in the aroma of the apartment. A perfect remedy would be to use smell-neutralizing vinegar! Fill shallow bowls with vinegar and hot water and distribute them throughout the place and leave them there overnight. Don’t worry, vinegar is not a second source of odor. The aroma dissipates quickly and takes more unpleasant odors with it at the same time. Find out more remedies for a fresh smelling home here!
Prevention: Ventilate regularly with full open windows, when cooking, so the smell of food does not get any chance to cling to the curtains, wallpapers and Co.

  • Battlefield: Open oven!

After the holidays, you daren’t look into your oven: From top to bottom, it is full of dough, grease and residue.

The solution: table salt! This absorbs the grease, thus helping to loosen the dirt. Sprinkle the areas most affected generously, with salt, and heat the oven to 50 degrees Celsius. Wipe off the crust with a damp cloth and watch the dirt disappear!

Prevention: Before baking cookies, cover the bottom of the oven with aluminum foil. This way, the drops and splashes of grease can simply be taken off after it’s all over.

  • The post-Christmas sort out: Good things can come out from annoying gifts

There are always a few unwanted and distasteful presents hanging around the house after Christmas. In addition to the regular cleaning, the novelty snowman hat your uncle gave you, the deodorant from your distant relative who naturally assumes you have a personal hygiene problem, the hideous jumper….. There are hundreds of charitable organizations that will be more than happy to collect these from you, instead of you having to throw them away!

We hope you have enjoyed some of our post-holiday cleaning tips! If you would like to share some of your post-holiday cleaning tips, let us know at the comments section below.

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