Young Dad Proves That Supporting His Family & Building A Career is Possible

Young Dad Proves That Supporting His Family & Building A Career is Possible

“Our Cleaning Partners” series continues with Fabian Li. At just 26 years old, he is already a dad to 2 kids and is also one of leading cleaners in Helpling Singapore!  Find out more about him here!

Q: Hi Fabian! Tell us more about yourself.

A: I’m Fabian and I’m a 26 year old dad of 2, aged 5 and 1. I’m currently self-employed and have been working with Helpling since September this year.

Q: How did you come across Helpling and why did you decide to work with us?

A: I was working as a Sales Executive with prior to Helpling and I briefly mentioned to my colleague about wanting to be my own boss,  in a handyman-related industry. Being a customer of Helpling, she shared the job with me and it seemed to fit my criteria. It was not a tough decision to make as not only did Helpling seem flexible and better paying than most part-time jobs, I could also be my own boss.  

Q: Was your family supportive of your choice?

A: I had a discussion with my wife about leaving my sales job for Helpling and she was 100% supportive of my decision as she knew that I had the passion for a more hands on role. Furthermore, she was also happy that I could spend more time with my family since I worked long hours at my previous job. With Helpling, I can manage my own schedule and achieve that work-life balance that I need.

Q: What do you like about Helpling?

A: I like the flexibility of the job and also that I am able to control my earnings with Helpling. The pay is very attractive to me and this motivates me to accept more bookings to give my family a better life. Not only that, I also enjoy meeting and interacting with new people. In fact, most of my customers treat me as a friend and would often invite me and my kids over to their apartments for a swim or dinner. I think the trust that I get from my customers make me feel satisfied about working with Helpling and I hope to be the top cleaner at Helpling one day!

Q: What are your best cleaning tips you can share with us?:

A: I think the key to good cleaning is to always go to a client’s house with the mentality that you will perform well and leave the customer’s home satisfied. At the end of the day, the ratings matter to me as I would like to have as many recurring jobs as possible, hence, a happy customer leads to good ratings and more recurring jobs!  

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