Meet Sing Onn, Student & One Of Our Youngest Cleaning Partners

Meet Sing Onn, Student & One Of Our Youngest Cleaning Partners

We are continuing “Our Cleaning Partners” series with an interview with one of Helpling’s newer recruits, Sing Onn, who has recently completed his national service and is currently waiting for enrollment into University. Find out more about him here.  

Q: Hello Sing Onn! Tell us more about yourself.

Hi, my name is Sing Onn and I have just completed national service not long ago. I have also just been accepted to Monash University and will be heading over to Melbourne at the end of November.

Q: How did you come across Helpling and why did you decide to work with us?

I was looking for a part time job while waiting to be enrolled to University and it was actually my mother who told me about Helpling. She got to know about Helpling through one of her friend’s son who currently works with Helpling. After doing a quick comparison on Helpling and other companies, I realised that the income in Helpling was much higher than the average part-time jobs. Besides that, I have the flexibility of choosing the types of jobs that I would like to take on, which is another plus point.

Q: What were the reaction of your clients when they realised you were a male cleaner?

The initial reaction of my clients is always the same, they always appear shocked or surprised when they see me rather than a female cleaner stepping into their house for the first time. Besides the typical stereotype for cleaners, they are also surprised that a 22 year old student would actually show up at their houses as their assigned cleaners.

Q: What do you like about working with Helpling?

I always love socialising with new people and this job has enabled me to improve on my interpersonal skills. It is also always a nice feeling to look at the contented faces of my customers whenever get a job done  or get a recurring booking from the same household- this gives me a huge sense of accomplishment!

Q: Describe your best experience at Helpling

I currently have two recurring customers who are both expat families. They always provide me with food and drinks whenever I come by to clean their apartment.  Besides that, they talk to me as me as if I was family and love finding out more about how I’m doing. This makes me look forward to my next job even more!

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