Dusting is easy? These are the mistakes you make every time!

Dusting is easy? These are the mistakes you make every time!

It is a never-ending grind, dusting is the most annoying of all housework. No surprise – only seconds after dusting off, a new grey layer covers our furniture. Have you ever wondered what really helps to fight the fluffs? Does dust originate in space, and how often should we really wipe it? Helpling’s cleaning expert Roxanna Pelka dusts off the biggest myths once and for all!

1. Dust comes from outer space: Right, but..

It’s true! House dust contains tiny traces from meteoroids. Also, the Sahara has represented: air flows blow parts of the desert thousands of kilometers away! That way, dusting becomes a true expedition. However, 70 percent of the grey haze consists of dander as well as fibers from clothes, blankets, and so on.

2. Dusting works best with a wet cloth: Wrong!

Wet or dry – this question raises a lot of discussions. What most people don’t know, the wet cloth will only smudge the dust! A dry, anti-static microfibre cloth, on the other hand, attracts the particles like a magnet – it doesn’t raise dust but encloses it safely.

3. Dust is useless: Wrong!

Our world would lose its balance without the grey pieces of fluff! Dust contains pollen that floats through the air and pollinates flowers that way. Also, without dust particles, there would be no cloud formation, which again means no rain, no plants, no animals – no life!

4. Curtains are the biggest dust catchers: Wrong!

White drapes often turn into grey curtains – but the worst dust collectors are electronic; the TV, laptop, or the stereo! As these are electronically charged around the clock, they magically attract flying dust. The only solution is an anti-static spray from the drugstore: it lays a protective film on the devices so that the feather duster can rest a few days longer.

5. More dust enters the room when the window is open: Right!

Open windows are an invitation for the floating dust fluffs! When airing your home a lot during the day, the dust layer on your furniture will thicken. The solution, open the windows in the morning and at night for ten minutes. The intense ventilation brings enough new oxygen without granting the dust much time to settle.

6. Dust makes us sick: Wrong!

The small dust particles themselves are harmless. However, the dust mites in it can make our lives hard. A single gram of house dust contains up to 10.000 mites. In fact, their dung can trigger allergic reactions!. If you have an allergy, make sure that your pillows, blankets, and carpets are made of synthetic materials like polyester. These are easy to clean and can be washed more often.

7. Dust is caused by us: Right!

Even our movements raise dust. When two people walk over a carpet for only a minute, two milligrams of dust whirled up. That amount equals the smoke of half a cigarette! What many people don’t know, vacuuming not only removes the dust but swirls it up in case of an unclean filter. Therefore, change the vacuum bag regularly, and clean the filter at least once a month!

8. Dusting once a week is enough: Right!

Grabbing the dust cloth once a week is totally sufficient! On average, every square meter collects up to six milligrams of dust per day. However, it only becomes visible after about a week. Extra tip: put a drop of fabric softener on a microfiber cloth and wipe over the furniture after dusting. The softener has a repelling effect – and new dust gets repelled.

9. Plants in the apartment produce more dust: Wrong!

Are your plants regularly covered in thick dust layers? That doesn’t mean they cause it. Plants increase the humidity in their environment, so the dust connects with tiny water molecules. That way, it becomes heavier and sinks down on the leaves. Important: dust your plants once a week – especially, when they are placed close to the window. Otherwise, the dust on the leaves spreads throughout the flat.