Give Dad what he wants!

Give Dad what he wants!

More than anything, Dad longs for some quiet time at home, where he can indulge in some of his most obscure hobbies (fish rearing, beer brewing, gardening and what not), or a place where he can just take a short nap. And because that is difficult to come by in any typical day, he adapts by marking his territory over an unassuming corner of the house. A basement, a treehouse, an abandoned study room, or simply a particular seat on the sofa. If dad goes MIA, he will probably be there. This Father’s Day, we thought we would do something for Dad that will truly make him happy – by supporting his messy (at times primitive) man cave endeavors.

Bring the world to him

When Dad is in his zone, he gets lazy. It’s his place to wind down, and he hardly wants to leave the spot. So instead, bring the amenities to him, make sure he can sustain himself there for as long as humanly possible. Get him a mini fridge for his study so he does not need to go to the kitchen (or rather, you do not have to hear him shout for you to grab him a beer). Place a massage chair in there for him to lounge and nap in. Or a TV is a good idea too! Otherwise, small gestures like making sure the cave is stocked with survival essentials like water, snacks and wifi helps.

If you can’t beat em, join em

He might have a hobby you can’t quite understand. But hey, why not join in his fun and get him a new toy to add to his collection. Take a close look at the current array of things he has, and see what you can add. Surprise him with the latest model of his favourite game, a new fermenter for his home beer brewery set up, or a fish for his prized aquarium. Make a smart guess, and if all else fails, there is always Google.


Unleash his inner double agent

“What if I am really a secret spy agent, pretending to be your father?” Dad used to ask after watching spy movies. Well, that’s not happening anytime soon with your physique, dear father. But I guess the least we could do is to humour his inner desires for an occassional 007 treatment. For example, a secret passageway concealed behind a fireplace, or a globe ornament with hidden bars. Sounds like mission impossible? Maybe just a mini vault then.

Give the man his privacy

One of the best things you can get Dad is something he will never dare ask for – a lock for his man cave to guarantee solitude. Perhaps a fancy biometric lock system or one that works with voice command. A territorial “Beware No Trespassing” sign works too.

Speaking of high tech

Home projects are the pride and joy of your Dad. His man cave is an exhibition of his ingenuity in having found the best way to build a home theatre, sound proof the walls, or create a home automation system. So give him an ego boost and compliment him on his innovative ways, and of course even Phua Chu Kang himself could not have done it better.

Show some love for Dad today, for the fact that all his cave ways stays in one corner of the house.

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