How to make cleaning so fun that kids won’t know it’s a chore

How to make cleaning so fun that kids won’t know it’s a chore

Before reading this article, you must be wondering why the need to teach your children household chores. Involving your children in household tasks not only saves you time , you will also have a good bonding time with your family. Besides that, your children will grow up becoming independent. With that being said, it is essential to teach them how to tidy up at an early age, so that it becomes a habit, and not a repetitive chore.

But how do you make sure you get there? How to motivate the troops effortlessly without getting agitated? We have listed down 7 tips to get your young children into the habit and 5 ideas to make household chores so fun they won’t know it’s a chore.

7 tips to get your kid into the habit of doing housework

Start at a young age

Let your kids to start helping you with the household chores at the tender age of 2. At this age, you can teach them new tasks and present them in a fun way. The key is to start early to progressively develop good habits, so you will not have to repeatedly go through the same tasks every day.

Explain why they should contribute

Child or adult, we are more likely to achieve what a task (in school, at home, work, etc) if we are told in advance why we have to complete this task. Your child will understand that by doing the tasks, you are not punishing him, but in fast, he is contributing his time to do house work, and creating a better environment for the family to live in.

Read stories with them

reading stories with daughter


It may be that your little one is at the stage where he protests about everything and refuses to acknowledge your authority. Try reading stories about the benefits of the household chores to counter the “bad” vibes about cleaning. You will be able to find several books in the book stores. This allows the message to be passed via a fun and playful way.

Plan your household schedules beforehandmum reading stories to daughter

Do not try to make your children feel anxious by telling them at the very last minute that the household has to be done. This creates stress and also cause them to dislike housework. Instead, plan the housework in advance, for example, dedicate every Saturday morning to cleaning, and reward them by taking to to the small afterwards. This ensures that your children will have the time to prepare and be rewarded.

Provide a time-frame

Try limiting each task into 20 minutes segments and reward your kid with a nice ice cream treat once they have completed the task. This technique will motivate your kid to finish the task on time, with great determination!

Do not clean everything at once

To reach the council before, it is important to not do everything at once . Explain to your children that cleaning is something that is done regularly and progressively . They have less fear and having to comply with lengthy chores (which prevent them from playing for example) and they will take the good habit to store and clean a little every day, but you do need to repeat them each time.

Provide an incentive

As mentioned in some points above, an incentive such as a small gift, a trip to the park or a nice dessert treat for your kid, motivates them and helps them associate household chores something positive. However, we strongly discourage money as an incentive as this will give them an impression that every task completed will be rewarded with a salary. Conversely, plan a trip to the park with an ice cream, a pizza night or even after school movies. Your child will understand that after exercise comes pleasure! And this applies to most areas in our lives!

5 tips to clean and have fun

Now that you know how to ensure that your children help you in the everyday life, here are some ideas to turn household chores into playful and fun activities!

Create cleaning games

Prepare a few household games that involve the tasks that you entrust to them. For example, you can ask your kids to return as many socks as they can gather and reward the kid that gathers the most number of socks with a small handmade paper medal. While you are being creative, try not to lose too much time trying to prepare for these games!

Make a post-housework celebration

kid dressed up as a superhero

A second idea is something you can involve with the first idea-  Create a dynamic music playlist and launch it before you start, then plan some super hero inspired costumes such as colorful apron, appropriate gloves that you can dress your kids in. Let your creativity flow, and why not give your offspring superhero names like Captain Crockery, it sounds pretty good right?

Create a table of tasks

Create an array of tasks If you have several children, the key is to prepare with your children in advance so they can share their opinion. For example, your older will set the table and the the role will reverse on Tuesday! The goal is to ultimately make them more feel more autonomous and eventually do these tasks without have to constantly remind them.

Play mini-me

mother and daughter bonding

The toddlers love to imitate their Moms and Dads. Let them have some fun by involving them in your everyday chores. Your mini-me will soon observe and imitate you. Feel free to teach them how to, for example, empty the dishwasher by performing the task first. They will enjoy playing mini-me without feeling that they have to perform tedious tasks.

Bringing the fun in cleaning

Many children are reluctant to clean the rooms in the house because parents too often complain about the mess. Yes, we know, cleaning is not fun for you either, but when you teach them how to store and clean up, take your time and do it with a smile. Also, keep in mind that the little ones like to be hands on. They discover the world through their ten fingers and are impressed with what they are capable of doing. Enjoy this time to show them how to remove the crumbs from the table or where to store their shoes after coming back from school. They will start to feel involved, useful and responsible.

Performing housework with your family is not so complicated after all, isn’t it?