6 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For Your Cleaning Session So Your Helper Can Finish All You Need Her To Do

6 Must-Have Cleaning Supplies For Your Cleaning Session So Your Helper Can Finish All You Need Her To Do

“What do I have to prepare for the helper?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers after they have made a booking. There are so many cleaning supplies out there, and it’s impossible to prepare every single possible item for your helper.

Here’s a list of must-have cleaning supplies so your helper will be able to work effectively and efficiently to make your home sparkling clean.

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Must-have cleaning supplies

1. Vacuum cleaner

must have cleaning supplies - vacuum cleaner

To pick up all the dust, hair, and other dirt from the floor, using a vacuum cleaner is the most efficient and effective way to do so. This step prepares the floor for a good mop thereafter, to make it squeaky clean.

If you’re the traditional type and prefer to use a broom, sure. But we believe using a vacuum cleaner would be quicker and more thorough. 

One thing to note is to make sure your vacuum cleaner is fully charged if you’re using a wireless one. You don’t want the vacuum cleaner to run out of battery when the helper’s not done vacuuming the entire house.

2. Mop

must have cleaning tools - mop

After your helper has finished vacuuming the floor, the next step would be mopping. There are a couple more common ones in the market such as rag mops, roller mops, and steam mops. But it doesn’t really matter which one you prefer, as long as you have a mop at home.

If you’re thinking of getting your helper to use a cloth to “hand mop” the entire house, please don’t. Not only is it tiring, but it is also time-consuming. 

3. Pails

must have cleaning supplies - pails

When it comes to cleaning, you’ll definitely need a couple of pails. One with a handle would be great so that your helper can carry it around instead of always walking back and forth to the bathroom to rinse the mop or cloth.

4. Cloths

must have cleaning supplies - cloths

It is advisable to prepare a few different cloths for different uses. For example, microfibre cloths would be the best for cleaning windows and glass panels as they are soft enough and don’t leave streaks.

For general cleaning of other surfaces such as tabletops and cupboards, a normal cloth would do.

Also, you might want to have separate cloths for the kitchen and the rest of the house. Cloths used in the kitchen are dirtier and oilier and you wouldn’t want to transfer the grime to other surfaces of your home.

5. Bathroom brushes

must have cleaning supplies - bathroom brushes

The bathroom is a dirty area and needs its own set of cleaning tools. Minimally, you should have a toilet bowl brush and a brush for the floor and walls. 

You wouldn’t want to use the same brush that was used to clean the toilet bowl to scrub your floor and walls, right…?

For the toilet floor and walls, you can get a brush with slightly stiffer bristles so that the tiles get a good clean. A brush with a handle would make it more efficient and easy to use.

6. Cleaning products

must have cleaning supplies - cleaning products

Last but definitely not the least, you’ll need a range of cleaning products. After all, cleaning with just water and some cleaning tools wouldn’t be clean enough.

Some basic cleaning products are:

  • Floor cleaner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Toilet bowl cleaner

If you would like your helper to clean areas such as your stove, you can also prepare more targeted cleaning products like a kitchen stove cleaner.

Other good-to-have supplies

Stiff bristle floor brush

must have cleaning supplies - stiff bristle floor brush

This item is basically a larger and longer version of the toilet brush. Not only will it be easier to use, it’s more efficient as it can cover a larger area.

We recommend stiff bristles because this will be used for the floor, so it doesn’t have to be soft. In fact, if the bristles are too soft, the floor won’t be as clean.


must have cleaning supplies - squeegee

If you’ve never used a squeegee before, you have to try it for yourself. It’s an effective tool to remove cleaning products, grime, and water. Plus it’s easy to wash since it’s made of rubber.

Especially if you need your helper to help clean your windows, glass panels, and mirrors, a squeegee would make them squeaky and shiny. With a longer squeegee, you can even use it for the floor.

Pro tip: Use a squeegee to clean your shower panels and mirrors after bathing. It’ll help prevent mold, mildew, water spots, and rust stains in your bathroom.

Mold or mildew remover

must have cleaning supplies - mold and mildew remover

In the bathroom where there’s lots of moisture, it’s common for mold and mildew to build up, especially between the tiles. These aren’t easy to clean because they’re thin and narrow.

Some may recommend using Bleach to clean and scrub them but mold or mildew removers are a better choice. These removers come in spray or gel forms so you can get whichever type you prefer.

Cleaning supplies you must have

With this list of must-have cleaning supplies, we hope you are ready for your helper to come over and spruce up your home! Even if you’re missing any of these supplies, don’t worry, our experienced helpers will work with whatever you have and recommend items you should get. But it’s totally up to you whether you want to purchase them or not.

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