Review: Mitsubishi vs Daikin Aircon

Review: Mitsubishi vs Daikin Aircon

In a hot and humid country as Singapore, air conditioning is a necessity rather than a luxury. Singaporeans are finding it increasingly difficult to carry on their daily routines without breaking into a big sweat. The need for air conditioning is eminent, where almost all enclosed spaces in Singapore have air conditioning built in them. When it boils down to homes, air conditioning is crucial for a good night’s rest. Today, we will explore which air conditioning unit will suit your need.

Out of all air conditioning systems, two stand out amongst the crowd. Mitsubishi and Daikin. Both brands are market leaders in the air conditioning industry, providing a wide array of air conditioning units to both homes, offices and public places. 

Mitsubishi Aircon

Mitsubishi is a pioneer in the air conditioning industry. Considering Mitsubishi’s first product was the electric fan in 1920, Mitsubishi has years of experience in environmental cooling technology. They have managed to establish their position in the market as one of the most reliable air conditioner brands available. Mitsubishi air conditioners are known quick and efficient cooling systems. Mitsubishi Air conditioners are able to cool a room to an ambient temperature in just within 5 -7 minutes, which is the fastest amongst all other air conditioners. This is mainly due to Mitsubishi’s proprietary technology, allowing for their air conditioners to produce a constant and stable air flow. This in turns cools the room evenly without causing draft, which can happen with many other air conditioners and will result in uneven cooling of a room. 

Despite its superior cooling ability, Mitsubishi Air conditioners are most known for its quietness. Not only can it cool a room quickly and evenly, Mitsubishi Air conditioners have compressors that are work noise free. As a result, many public installations such as halls and hospitals prefer to use Mitsubishi’s AC system.

Daikin Aircon 

Like Mitsubishi, Daikin is also one of the pioneers in the refrigeration and air conditioning business. Currently, they are the world’s second largest Air con manufacturer, just behind Mitsubishi. Daikin Aircon units are known for their durability and quality. All Daikin products were built with the concept of durability in mind. Daikin air conditioners have a long service life and gives less problems compared to any other air condition brand. From the design of the air conditioning unit, to the manufacturing of the air conditioning unit, Daikin uses state of the art technology and materials to construct and design their air conditioning units. As a result of their quality-focused design, Daikin has won numerous awards in the industry. 

However, the uniqueness of the Daikin Aircon is not its quality. Daikin air conditioners have a very unique feature: energy consumption. Daikin Air conditioners are the most energy efficient air conditioners on the market. This means that less electricity is used to provide optimum cooling effect, allowing its users to save on electricity bills, which is a concern to many. 

So which brand of air conditioners should I buy?

Since both brands have slightly different selling points, you should first consider what is your priority when buying a new air conditioning unit. Most users will take into account comfort and cost.


If you are a light sleeper and are noise sensitive, I would strongly suggest that you go for the Mitsubishi air conditioning units due to their superior noise-free technology. Also, its fast cooling speeds will allow you to enjoy a cool room in the matter of a few minutes. 

Choose Mitsubishi for a quiet and peaceful rest.


If you are looking for a more sustainable air conditioner that has efficient energy consumption, Daikin would definitely be the way to go. Not only would it allow you to cut down on your electricity bills, you will also save on repair and maintenance costs due to their superior quality and durability. 

Choose Daikin for greater savings and reliability.

With the importance of air conditioning, choosing the right air conditioner to suit your needs is crucial. However, the story is not over once you have bought your air conditioning unit. Air conditioners require constant maintenance and issues may occur no matter which unit you use. Helpling provides quality air conditioning services, carried out by trusted professionals with years of experience under their belt. If you do require help with your air conditioning units, Helpling is the way to go!