Should I Hire a Part-Time of Full-Time Helper for my new BTO?

Should I Hire a Part-Time of Full-Time Helper for my new BTO?

Cleaning has never been an easy task. Yes, the routine tidying up can be therapeutic for some, but taking into account the full spectrum of cleaning, not many can stomach it on their own.  Laundry, vacuuming and mopping the floors, washing your toilets, cleaning your kitchen, wiping your windows, caring for plants, changing of bedlinens, dusting of pillows… and the list goes on. For you new couples out there who just got your BTO and are not accustomed to doing the full range of cleaning, you may be considering getting some part time or full time help. 

Lets find out which would suit your needs. 

1/3 Cost

Financing is one of the most important task for new couples moving into their BTO. Of course, factoring in the cost of hiring a helper would be the most pressing concern for most couples. Hiring a part-time cleaner from a reliable platform like Helpling would definitely be cheaper compared to hiring a full-time maid. Hiring a Part-Time cleaner for a 3 hour cleaning session every week would cost you about $240 a month. (Prices based on the average rates from Helpling). On the other hand, a full-time maid would cost you a good $800 a month for a full time maid. Furthermore, there is a $300 monthly levy for foreign maids. 

Finances can be the greatest headache for new couples.

2/3 Privacy

If you new lovebirds want your own time and hate to be interrupted by an additional someone in your home, then a part-time cleaner is definitely the way to go. They will be there for the set amount of time, and leave once the cleaning job is done! However, if you do not mind having someone else living in your new BTO taking care of the chores for you, it is possible to consider hiring a full time maid. 

3/3 Commitment

Full-time helpers come with higher level of commitment. Once a contract is signed with a maid agency, it would be difficult to switch to another helper, and even more difficult to change to a part-time cleaner.  On the other hand, part-time cleaners essentially come with little commitment. On a platform like Helpling, if you are unsatisfied with the quality of work of one cleaner, you can easily request a switch. The frequency of cleaning is also up to your jurisdiction. Be it weekly or fortnightly, the cleaner will only be at your place when you require a cleaning session. 

Full-Time helpers usually come with long-term agreements.

Simple as it gets, for those of you interested in hiring a part time helper, read on to find out where you can find reliable part-time helpers.

On-Demand Platforms VS Freelancers

Platforms like Helpling offer part time cleaners to suit your needs, be it a weekly or fortnightly cleaning, they will be able to provide a suitable cleaner for you. Not only that, the cleaners are insured and are professionally trained. In the event where a cancellation occurs, the platform would send a replacement for you. Helpling also conducts background checks on their cleaners to ensure that they are credible and accountable. Furthermore, you are insured against risks like property damage, injury and theft. The same cannot be said of the free-lance cleaners that you find on marketplaces or through word-of-mouth. 

Helpling offers professional and insured cleaners on-demand!

So for young couples out there who just got your BTO and only need help with regular cleaning tasks, a part-time cleaner seems like the most prudent option. Using a platform, you can rest assured your cleaning tasks are taken care by a professional.