Valentine’s Day: 5 ways to do it right (and impress)!

Valentine’s Day: 5 ways to do it right (and impress)!

There is often a defining year where a Valentine’s Day sets the standard – for better or worse. One thing is for sure though, a mix of romance, ambience and food is essential, no matter where you are! To make it a remarkable evening, and impress your partner, Helpling has some important tips to help you pull it off:

1. Flower power

The vast majority of us like flowers, whether openly or secretly (unless you have an unfortunate allergy). They smell great, brighten up the place and, if given to to you, give you an enormous sense of being wanted. On top of all that, flowers are perhaps the most famous gesture of romance.

2. Come home to a clean house

Nothing says I love you quite like a freshly cleaned home. Imagine the look on your partner’s face when they walk through the door to a sparkling apartment, no worrying about cleaning the kitchen or taking out the trash. Just a relaxing environment for them to enjoy their free time in.

3. Romantic couple’s spa day

After surprising your partner with flowers and a clean house, top off the surprise with a relaxing and romantic spa treatment to relieve those tired muscles of yours – and what better opportunity than Valentine’s Day itself?

4. Romantic dinner and drinks for two

Instead of taking your date to a fancy restaurant, why not impress your loved one with your cooking skills and a few bottles of top quality wine? To make matters even better, you have the room all to yourselves, away from prying eyes, meaning you can enjoy EVERY moment together.

5. Breakfast in bed and more cuddles

Don’t just let it end there! All too often the day after a big event is pretty disappointing: Boxing Day, Easter Monday, February 15th….. But it needn’t be! Cook your partner breakfast in bed, spend the day cuddling and watching films, or just looking at each other. Continue the romantic mood way past its sell-by date!

But flowers, dinner, cleaning…all of these things can mount up some serious costs, and can take a lot of time to prepare.

BUT WAIT, what’s that you say? I can win all of this for myself, without any of the hassle?!?!?

That’s right! Any one of our lucky customers who books before the 9th February has a chance to win not only a great Valentine’s Day, but ALL of the above magic! This prize includes:

$50 worth of cleaning with Helpling
$150 worth of flowers from Djenee
$100 worth of wine from Wanderwine
And a luxury couples spa treatment by Aveda worth $100, from Vaniday


That’s $400 worth of goodies!

But it is a time for loving and giving – and that is why everyone’s a winner, as all entrants to the competition will also receive:

$15 voucher for any spa and beauty services at Vaniday
$15 voucher for an extensive selection of wines from Wanderwine
5% discount on your personal digital concierge service from Djenee

All you have to do is enter the code below with your next cleaning appointment with us.


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