Here’s how to win a WINBOT W830 Robot worth $988!

Here’s how to win a WINBOT W830 Robot worth $988!

Home Robotics are becoming a norm in a lot of households, with the most common self-vacuuming robot, Roomba, which has already become an instant hit with households. But what about a robot that can clean the windows for you?

WINBOT 8 by Ecovacs is a smart window cleaning robot that works on most types of window surfaces for daily cleaning or just maintenance.

Stephanie, our Social Media manager has decided to test out the WinBot robot window cleaner, to see if it really delivers what it promises- to automate the tedious and sometimes dangerous task of window cleaning. As with any home robotic, the proof is in the execution. In this WinBot review, Stephanie will be looking at the top features of WinBot. In addition, scroll down to find out how you can win an Ecovacs Winbot W8 robot window cleaner!

winbot cleaning windowFeatures:


  • Larger application range
  • Simple and light: For easy and convenient maintenance cleaning
  • One-touch operation: It’s Simple press start/pause button allows the WINBOT 8 to start the automatic cleaning and return to its starting position once it done.
  • Dual cleaning path options: “Z” cleaning patterns for wide windows and “N” cleaning patterns for tall windows

Stephanie’s Verdict:

“Getting the machine started was easy and straightforward. I started by spraying some window cleaning on the cleaning pad before attaching the pad firmly to the Winbot’s base. which resembles a velcro-like material. It took me less than 5 minutes to set everything up and I was ready to start exploring this robot! I placed the Winbot on the corner of the window, turned it on. Amazingly, it stayed there. I was initially concerned that the suction was not strong enough, but was amazed at how sturdy the machine seemed. When I pushed the start button, the Winbot began to move up and down, left and right. After the Winbot did a couple rounds of automated cleaning, I played along with the different buttons on the remote control by directing the Winbot around with the arrows.

Once the cleaning cycle was done, the WinBot automatically returned to the same position as I started, which is a huge advantage for those hard to reach window panels. I turned it off, pulled it off the glass, and brought it back inside. Then I assessed the results. The window seemed drastically less dirty.”

What Stephanie liked:

“For homeowners or business owners with hard to reach and tall windows, Winbot is the answer to an obvious problem. What I liked about the Winbot was that you can be completely hands on with its 1-touch cleaning function or off with its remote control option. Also, its remote control option makes it an excellent backup for corners that have been missed with its automated cleaning.”

Want to WIN a WINBOT 8?


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