Would hiring a cleaner really make a difference to my life?

Would hiring a cleaner really make a difference to my life?

“Process is more important than results.” That is probably something you want to say to your boss, but definitely not to the thought of cleaning your house.

Everyone loves returning to a neat and tidy home, the smell of a fresh house is enough to lift our spirits! But the process of getting there is a tiresome one. Finding the time to do some cleaning amidst other personal commitments can just get, difficult.

This is why we say, as with all other life problems, turn to the internet for your quick fix! Today, there are platforms online like Helpling where you can get yourself an extra pair of cleaning hands in a straightforward easy process. 60 seconds, a few clicks, and you are done! If you need further convincing, here’s 5 more reasons for you!


Finally having quality time with your loved one

Do you often find that time at home after work just seems to fly by? Before you know it, it is time to head to bed and wake up to the same routine again. The time we spend with our loved ones cannot be more precious and it is worth squeezing out however we can. Getting help from a part time cleaner can give you extra pockets of time, because on average we need 8 hours a week to keep our house clean! We say, a worthy investment indeed.


More dinner parties

Gone will be the days where you are embarrassed of inviting anyone over to your place because of the disastrous state it is in. With a spanking clean house, you can have family and friends over as often as you like – be it for dinner parties, brunch, lunch or even for some lemonade! Furthermore, no worries about tidying up after!

Professional help will not get lazy, you might

I am just going to come out with it – I get sloppy halfway into cleaning, no matter how eager I was starting out. This somehow leads to overlooked corners, spots I decided are not worth obsessing over, things getting sweeped under the rug…you get the picture. This is unlikely to happen with experienced cleaners, whose professionalism will make sure your house gets a thorough wipe down. And because they are good at their craft, they will know exactly where dirt and grime are likely to accumulate in your house. It is just getting the bang for your buck!

Beating the black market

The traditional offline market for booking a part time cleaner can get really confusing. Agency fees, contracts, an assortment of packages. It is indeed a challenging market to navigate and to avoid signing yourself up for something you never wanted. There are smarter ways around this. Look for services that guarantee legal cleaners (Singaporeans/PRs), a flat service rate, and a screening process for cleaners to maintain quality. Besides a peace of mind, you will be playing a part in wiping out the black market that currently exists! See our pricing page for more on the benefits of booking through a provider like Helpling instead of the black market.

Your reservations may be unfounded

Is it safe opening my doors to a stranger? Is it worth the household expense? These are very reasonable doubts to have. But they can be easily dispelled if you make the right decision. We know that trusting your home to someone else might be scary; this is why it is important to go with a reputable company. Look out for consumer reviews, or check how the company screens its cleaners, to make sure they are reliable. Better still if it comes with insurance to protect your home. Also, for smart budget management, go for one that allows flexibility in duration per cleaning, depending on the state of your house, so you never have to pay for more than you need!

Hope this provides you with some insights into the domestic home cleaning industry! If you have any questions, please leave a comment, or give us a ring 🙂

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